Writing is one of my greatest passions and my own life journey has been my biggest inspiration and motivation.

We are born Resilient

Finally it is here! The book where I share my story of resilience with several other unique beings. A big thank you to my friend Dr. Andrea Pennington for putting this book together and inspiring people worldwide. In this book, I share my journey and what triggered me to start searching for answers and solutions to the mystery of health and happiness. This book will give you valuable insights from the stories of the co-author’s personal healing journey. You will learn about different approaches to burnout prevention and recovery and how to build more resilience. If you want to have a free copy of my chapter you are welcome to contact me.

My latest blog

Life Is All About Choices

Whether you believe in destiny or not, choices are the core of our existence. Every day we make choices: it can be something simple like picking out the right outfit or something more complex like a career decision or choosing a partner.

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Healthy Relationship Through Self Love

You want to be happy and in love. You want to be in a healthy relationship. It doesn’t seem like too much to ask, yet your previous relationships weren’t the healthiest or happiest despite your love and best efforts.

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