What really makes me happy is to inspire people to make a shift in their lives, and light a spark inside of them that gives them hope and encouragement.

Storytelling has always been one of my treasures in life. I really love telling heartfelt stories that bring hope and inspiration and help people move forward in their lives. I love to share from my own life experiences, the knowledge and wisdom I have achieved on my personal journey back to more health and wholeness. I enjoy talking about any topic that has to do with mental and physical health, resilience, relationships and authenticity. My greatest passion is to inspire and touch people´s heart, so that they can awaken, heal and transform.

My latest talk

My latest talk was on an International Interdisciplinary Conference on “Loneliness” in Gdansk in Poland in September this year. Here I spoke about the topic; “Burnout and Loneliness- and how to solve the epidemic of our modern times?” where I was shedding some lights on this raising challenge. The conference was an invitation to people from all over the world to come and share their latest research and insights on the topic of “Loneliness”.

Invited amazing speakers

Early this year I invited seven amazing speakers with different educational background, to talk about the topic “Burnout Nurses” on this online summit called “Your Freedom Makers”. On this event some of the worlds leading experts on health and nursing, shared from their wealth of knowledge, wisdom and expertise to support and inspire nurses who struggle with burnout. Getting valuable insights from these leading experts with such a wide variety of background, has really been priceless and opened my eyes even more for the complexity of burnout in the health care industry.

I would love to support you on this
journey back to health and wholeness.