Everybody talks about the importance of living authentically but few people dare to live their truth. In this day and age, when everybody seems to put on a mask, living without one is a daring act that only some of the most courageous people are able to pull off, however, living authentically is not something to be afraid of; in fact, it’s quite liberating.

We’re not born with masks and fears, we are born free and vulnerable, and while learning how to protect ourselves is important, hiding from the world doesn’t do us any favors. We have to be comfortable in our skin and in our own life in order to be free. Most importantly, we have to stop wanting to be perfect or appear perfect in the eyes of the world. There is strength, power, and beauty in authenticity and, if we embrace it, we’re opening ourselves up to freedom – the freedom of being who we are, the freedom of doing what we want to do, and the freedom of following our dreams.

Why It’s Important To Live Authentically

People have different definitions of freedom but true freedom means being true to ourselves and not going through life faking our emotions, pretending to be someone we’re not or settling for choices that don’t seem right for us. The freedom of authenticity comes with many benefits so, if you need more reasons for showing your true colors, here are some of them:

You’ll Become More Confident

You can’t live an authentic life if you don’t know yourself. Many of us get lost sometimes or we fall into a routine that makes us forget who we are but when you make a conscious effort to find yourself again, you discover all the amazing talents and qualities you possess. Knowledge is power and, when you know yourself, that power means confidence!

You’ll Respect Yourself More

With confidence comes respect. Self-respect is easy to have when you know what you’re capable of despite your flaws and imperfections.

Other People Will Respect You More

Living as your authentic self will inspire others and it will make them respect you for being honest and open.

You’ll Improve Your Resilience

Being comfortably yourself will allow you to develop into a resilient person. Challenges usually scare us because we’re worried about other people’s opinions and reactions. When your only focus is overcoming the challenges, not the world’s response, you have better coping mechanisms.

You’ll Develop Better And More Honest Relationships

Honesty is important in relationships but honesty goes beyond sharing your past experiences, current plans or daily activities. You’re a being, not a doing so the most important thing you can share with your significant other, friends or family is your true authentic self.

You’ll Become More Passionate

If you feel like you lost your purpose in life, it is time to turn towards yourself, analyze your values, and start to take off the masks that don’t allow you to be who you are deep down. Once you’re ready to show the world the real you, you’ll discover your mission and you’ll become more passionate about working towards your goals and dreams.

You’ll Be Happier

Happiness comes from enjoying life no matter how difficult your path is. When you express yourself and live the life you want to live, you can easily overcome negative feelings and difficult situations.

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