In today’s world burning out seems almost inevitable. Life is stressful and the pressure of doing so much in so little time is higher than ever. It should come as no surprise that more and more people face at least a burnout in their lifetime. Going through burnout can make you question every single decision you made in your life, it can make you doubt yourself, and, if you are an over-achiever it can make you feel guilty for not being able to do what you once did with ease.

It also seems that society blames you for allowing this to happen. It’s your fault for not eating healthy enough, for not resting properly, and for not taking care of yourself. Burnouts are bad, they are terrifying, painful, and, sometimes, lonely. However, they can happen to anyone, including those who have healthy lifestyles. You shouldn’t blame yourself and, most certainly, you shouldn’t feel ashamed.

Is Burnout A Nightmare Or A Blessing?

As terrifying as burnout is, it is also a blessing in disguise for most people. It can lead to positive changes and it can trigger an awakening process that will allow you to live more authentically, in a higher state of consciousness.

Few people realize they are stuck in a life they don’t want without going through a life-changing experience such as burnout or trauma. Because these intense experiences create important shifts in someone’s perception of life and even changes in personality. Therefore, instead of putting yourself down for being human, you should use burnout as a catalyst for change.

I am not going to pretend that recovering from life-changing burnout is easy. And neither should you. What I want you to do is change your perspective so you can move forward. I’ll help you do it by showing you why burnouts are, in fact, blessings.

Burnout Can Push You To Make Harsh Decisions

If in your case burnout was caused by your job, you will be forced to analyze your choices and the reasons your job pushed you over the edge. Not to mention, it will help you to make harsh decisions like quitting your job or changing your career. Sometimes, no matter how unhappy people are in a situation, they keep doing the same things because it’s their routine. While painful, burnouts make you realize that being comfortably unhappy is not a good way to live.

Burnout Can Make You Develop Healthier Habits

We all make promises to ourselves but we don’t always keep them. Whether those promises are New Year resolutions or simply telling ourselves that we will start doing something tomorrow, somehow we never get to do those things. Humans are creatures of habit and change is hard for us. But, when change cannot be avoided anymore, it is easier to start developing healthier habits.

Burnout Gives You Courage To Take Risks

Maybe you always wanted to start a business, write a book or travel the world but you never did it because you were too scared of losing financial stability or giving up your lifestyle. Now that the worse has happened and your stability and job were affected, you’re not afraid anymore and you can take those risks that scared you in the past.

Burnout Gets You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Following our dreams and fighting for them is harder than we think. Settling is easy. It requires no actual effort, it’s fine, and it causes manageable discomfort. In the short term, anyway. As I said, on long term, settling for the wrong things can cause burnout because your spirit and heart did not give up on your dreams. You just allowed your fears to take over but you still have a higher purpose. When burnout happens, your tolerance for just fine doesn’t exist anymore. You saw what settling can do to someone so you’re no longer willing to put up with all its downfalls, which means you are finally able to start working on your mission.

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