Hi, I am Åshild Tilrem, a holistic health coach, critical care nurse and health entrepreneur who loves to awaken, inspire and empower people.

With the heart of a truth seeker

I am a natural born truth seeker and have spent most of my life searching for answers, trying to understand and comprehend the complexity of life.

My professional background is from the western medical field as a critical care nurse from the last 20 years. I have also been practicing as an alternative medicine therapist and a health & life coach for many years. I hold a Master of Science in Health, Nutrition and Environmental studies where I have dived deep into the topic of depression and burnout. 

With my holistic-thinking brain I have always had one foot in both camps, as I am convinced that we are so much more than a physical body that needs to be fixed. We are multi-sensory-beings with our own unique response to our environment and with a soul that longs to be nourished. 

My curiosity for the human nature took me all around the world studying different methods in the healing arts, trying to find the missing links to the mystery of health and happiness in an attempt to alleviate physical, mental and emotional human suffering. 

Invited amazing speakers

In this online event I invited seven amazing speakers with different educational background, to talk about the topic “Burnout Nurses” on this online summit called “Your Freedom Makers”. On this event some of the worlds leading experts on health and nursing, shared from their wealth of knowledge, wisdom and expertise to support and inspire nurses who struggle with burnout. Getting valuable insights from these leading experts with such a wide variety of background, has really been priceless and opened my eyes even more for the complexity of burnout in the health care industry.

My latest talk

My latest talk was on an International Interdisciplinary Conference on “Loneliness” in Gdansk in Poland. Here I spoke about the topic; “Burnout and Loneliness- and how to solve the epidemic of our modern times?” where I was shedding some lights on this raising worldwide challenge. The conference was an invitation to people from all over the world to come and share their latest research and insights on the topic of “Loneliness”.