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Hello, I am Åshild.

Do you feel that stress, burnout or depression has taken over your life, your health, your relationships, and your career? Then, you have come to the right place. I am here to support you.

I am a heart-centered holistic health coach, an ICU nurse and a purpose-driven health entrepreneur from Norway. After overcoming years of stress, burnout and depression myself, I am now on a mission to help you be free from physical, emotional and mental suffering, feeling fully alive again and finding purpose.

With my unique eclectic approach, I embrace the new consciousness of health to awaken, inspire and empower you to take back control of your life and start navigating your life from a higher state of consciousness. My goal is to help you reconnect with the deeper aspects of yourself, give you the right understanding and powerful tools, so that you can master your own health and create a future filled with good health, freedom, peace and joy.

I Believe That...

To Master your Health you have to start educating yourself, open your mind and take fully charge of your life. 

To be free from Stress, Burnout and Depression, you have to understand what patterns and programs keep you stuck in a vicious circle of stress.

To create Real Transformations and live in a state of health and resilience, you have to feed yourself with healthy food, healthy thoughts and create a healthy environment for yourself in all areas of life. 

To obtain Inner Peace and Harmony, you have to heal your heart, renew your mind and reconnect with spirit and the deeper aspects of yourself. 

To experience real Happiness, Wholeness, and Abundance on all levels, you have to embrace your uniqueness, activate your God-given purpose and dare to live your authentic self.

What If You Could…

It is truly possible. I would love to support you on this journey...

Work with me...

My work is built on the foundational belief that all facets of a person ́s life are inextricably connected; body, mind, spirit, health, relationships and career. My goal is to support you in bringing all these elements of your life together and into harmony. 

Through my unique, eclectic coaching approach, I am helping you to see a deeper understanding of your life situation and what is blocking your path. With my Transformational Inside-Out Coaching, I will help you let go of your past, heal your heart and create a healing mindset so that you can thrive and live the life you desire with health, freedom and abundance on all levels.

What are people saying...

“Thank you so much for all your love and support. I will be forever grateful for the beautiful and loving space you held for me on my healing journey. You made me feel safe and secure all the way through my process.”

Jessica, US

“I can not thank you enough for the light and joyful energy you provided and for giving me hope when life seemed hopeless and for making me laugh and feel alive again. You are a true inspiration and my life has got new meaning.”

Sarah, Norway


“Meeting you was like a new breath came into my life. Your wise and clear guidance has helped me transform my life. I feel more peaceful and happy every day. I have also got work opportunities that I never saw coming.” 

César, Portugal

I would love to support you on this
journey back to health and wholeness.